Graphix Resource giveaway could light up your business

Brad Kirkland, CEO of Graphix Resource, wears many hats. He is a graphic designer, a website developer, and a marketing guru for small businesses looking to connect with customers. His Graphix Resource company also offers imprinted apparel, vehicle wraps, commercial printing, and custom signage. He is a visionary whose success is built on strong faith and giving back.

This is why Kirkland is giving away a $5,000 lighted sign to some lucky business owner. It fits his mission, goals, and values.

“A business with no sign is a sign of no business,” he said. “We’re offering a chance to change that with this giveaway and shine a light, so to speak, on someone’s business.”

Here is the scoop on the sign being offered by The Graphix Resource:

  • A 2’ x 8’ lighted sign box
  • LED lighting
  • Custom Graphic included
  • 20-year face (second surface)
  • Power Supply
  • Design and Installation

Kirkland recently completed a similar sign for Joe Perez, owner of Heart and Hustle Screen Printing.

The lighted sign for Heart and Hustle in Evans is an attention getter.

“The sign is an eyecatcher,” Perez said. “I see a difference since we had it installed. It has definitely attracted customers.”

Call it a hand-up for a fellow small business owner, something Kirkland didn’t experience when he was building his own business. His success came at a price.

He was abused at the age of three. The nightmare of his upbringing resulted in rebellion. He was in and out of youth detention, foster care, and later jail, and experienced homelessness.

“Even then, I started to learn how to adapt and to study how people think and how they react,” Kirkland said. “I decided to either let the pain destroy me or become productive. I chose to build a business.”

His faith is strong, and God’s word guides him in everything he does.

“It’s not just about earning a living and providing for my family; it’s about treating people right and delivering a product beyond customer expectations,” he said. “I believe we are wired to be a part of something bigger than we are, and that motivates me.”

Brad Kirkland has repurposed his life to helping others succeed.

An array of talents. A skill for listening. Finding a way to survive the unthinkable. Brad Kirkland is changing the course of events in his life by helping other business owners.

“I believe this is what God meant in having abundant life,” Kirkland explained. “He had a better plan for my life even during the dark times and a big part of that is helping others succeed.”

Several other business owners have joined in to serve as sponsor partners to promote The Graphix Resource giveaway. Most are clients who have become friends along the way. All are committed to extending a hand up and sharing success with others.

For more details about the sign giveaway, click or enter to win at

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